Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project #13

Well I must say I have learned quite a few things during this short semester. During the beginning of the semester I dreaded to do any of this work; but as time went on came more familiar with the world of technological tools. I was in Group 2 for 2012 summer semester. We as a group constantly used several tools to communicate. We mainly used text messaging to find out group meeting times, to find missing data and sometimes just to drop a line of encouragement.

Group 2 also used Google Docs as a way to view and transfer data that was needed for upcoming projects. All the members of our group seemed to be pretty busy so these tools really helped us pull things together.

Project #8 Group #2 revised

Project #12 Book Trailer

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Final Project Report

I am a member of group #2 and we are approximately 50% complete with our iBook project. We have gathered most of our individual data. Our plan is to have the project complete by Sunday. We somehow lost all over our information when we initially started creating ibook. During our second meeting we got reorganized and now we’re focused on completion.

Blog Post #12

Watch this video:

1. Write a write a paragraph or more in which you identify a coaching philosophy that fits your personality. Comment on ways a coach can adjust their philosophy to increase the team's cohesion.

2. Post a comment on the YouTube video:

My Post:

The "Tell it like it is..." approach fits my personality the best. My plans are to become a high school football or basketball coach. Athletes at the high school level usually adopt a game style before entering the 9th grade. Therefore completely changing their game can be rather hard. My tell it like is approach will be perfect for capturing their attention. Athletes at this age deal with aggressive feedback a lot better than younger kids. When coaches directly approach a positive or negative issue, players often give instant feedback.

I also think coaches have to be very versatile. Even though I have an aggressive approach, having that "quiet strength" works great when dealing with a really diverse team.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy’s video was a nice breakdown of ways to engage students with technology. In her interview she stated that “You are handicapping your students if they are not using technology. Ms Cassidy technological journey started ten years ago with only five sun-ray computers, but with the help of her administration she was able to launch her students into the technological world. She successful uses blogs, web pages, Skype, videos and wiki’s as her avenues of approach.

Ms. Cassidy uses blogs in her classroom to gain a larger audience. This audience will be able to comment on several student blogs which will help students learning progress. Blogs can also be read by parents, family members and other teachers. Therefore, when students post their work family members can check their progress at their convenience. This promotes learning around the clocks. The best thing about their blogs is that the kids love them too.
The students in her class also use Skype. They use this tool as a virtual connection to the multimedia world. By using Skype teachers, parents, students and others abroad can connect as if they were face to face. This is also a tool that builds a relationship with people with whom you would have never connected.
The third tool she used was classroom video. These videos can help students learn to produce and interacts with others. These videos can be used for short plays, book reports and classroom tools just to name a few.
A social networking tool that Ms. Cassidy uses is Twitter. I personally have shaky feelings about twitter, I too feel as if I am talking to myself on twitter. Ms. Cassidy also had the same feeling, but with proper use of twitter she has definitely expanded her PLN.
I received good advice from this video. Ms. Cassidy’s comment about the use of blogging as a physical education teacher really helped. I can use her advice to post practice schedules, rosters, game schedules or any changes to my blog. This will keep my students and parents updated throughout the day.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

C4T Summary

My C4T assignment was from http://web20classroom.blogspot. He Had two very interesting blog post. They were very different but so much alike. The first post I read was "The Power of Connectedness", it talked about an international conferance in San Diego where educators from all over the world connected. They shared ideas that would make each individual a better educator. The second post titled "Where Am I" was my favorite he talked about goning on vaction and getting away from everything even technology. He called it a Technology Cleanse I thought it was a great idea.

Blog Post #10

Adventures in Pencil Integration

I love idea of a multimedia educational world. The digital age is rapidly growing, but i do understand the need for pencils. A pencils is an essential tool to writing fundamentals. Although I do believe computers are one of the greastest educational inventions. Things like spell/grammer could easily handicap a child learning to write.The easy accsess to correction deminishes the fundamentals of writing. I do think its still hip to carry a pencil

Why are Your Kids Playing Games

I think it's a great idea to intergrate games into teaching. Kids respond better to things they enjoy. Most Kids learn more when the teaching session is more engaging. I coach a 4 year old Tee ball Team and it can get very hectic when trying to keep their attention. For example, we play base runnning games that develop base running skills, builds endurance and team cohesion. Games sometimes make teaching seem effortless. I've tried to be a by the book teacher when it came to sports, but during that time my loses outwieghed my wins.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Mr McClung made some very interesting points about his first two years of teaching. Alot of the things he talked about I can definately relate too. I'm currently at South studying to become a teacher/coach. But in the mean while I do numerous jobs working with kids; whether it's an after school study session or me coaching a team. I have encountered some of the same realities of teaching.

Getting to know your students is the biggest and most rewarding task of the year. If you don't know who you are teaching it's hard to convey the message. In the process of learning your students things you should always consider is a lessened dictatorship, keeping your students envoled in classroom rules and decision will help the learning cohesion of the class.

Another valuable topic he dicussed was the value of a school mom. My football and baseball team moms are the greatest. They do things for me that allow me to actually do my job... Teach! What would i do without them?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student
The movie was about a Network Student studying American Psychology. The students are only in class three days and online the other two days. The students are learning without a textbook. The information is being posted on a blog for other students to read and give their opinions. Learning occurs over a very diverse social network.unknown

The student used a MP3 player to download audio/ video podcast. Most of our students today have MP3 Players or IPods. The question I asked myself was where’s the teacher? The instructor was there for guidance and to help build the network of global communication.
I think this a great way to learn because most students spend a lot of time on blogging and interacting with other people. The students enjoy being online and this will give them time out of the classroom. I would enjoy teaching this way because I think the students will grasp the information quickly.
Thomas Suarez
I have learned that anyone can design an application and sale it to the application store. The school is supporting the student and allowing Thomas to teach other students how to build their applications. This video is a great example of how technology is advancing. A twelve year old gave a professional power point presentation, created two applications, and sold the applications to Apple.
it is important to introduce your students to technology so they can create new things for the future.

Blog Post # 6


This was a very inspiring video, it really displayed why complaining is just a waste of energy. Randy Pausch had all the reasons in the world to complain about life. Instead he took his life experiences to better the life of others. He made very interesting points that will stick with me. To be honest, I was going crazy knowing that this presentation was over an hour long (so much that I’m late writing my blog). Nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute of the video and has recommended it to others. He had some valuable to share regardless of age. He stated towards the end of the video that the second head fake was that this presentation was not for the audience but for his kids. What a good approach!!! My blog post will consist of a few key points he made throughout the video.
The first thing that pulled me in to finish the video was his spirits. He said he didn’t have much time to live. If I was the judge of that...I would probably guess wrong. I can really relate to that feeling while serving time in Iraq. Many days during deployment I thought could be my last. In the beginning it was hard for me to accept. Eventually I realized that accepting death helped me strengthen life. I became more focus and aware of what was really going on around. I guess that was my personal feedback loop.
The second thing that grabbed my attention was his definition of experience, “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you really wanted.” That is something I told my little league baseball team this year. We did not lose a game in that past two years so they (we) thought they were unstoppable. I can’t lie because I was thinking the same thing. The first 5 games went just as planned with five wins and zero loses, but the sixth game went a little different. I must say they were our “brick wall”. So we learned from our experiences and began worked harder.
I think in life as long as you are absorbent to feedback, work hard and help others… life can turn out just fine.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

PLN Progress Report #1

To be totally honest my PLN can really improve. After watching the few videos on PLNs I immediately realized the benefits from creating a personal PLN. The biggest advantage is your ability to explore, create and validate the world of education. It also is a great tool for educational organization. These videos have inspired me to get my PLN ball rolling.unknown

C4T Summary

Ms Andrea Hernandez, Educator, Jacksonville, FL
The first blog post I read from Ms Hernandez’s was “Why Share”. It was just a simple picture with two questions wrote inside about sharing. The second sentence really caught my attention. The sentence read, “If something is created but not shared, does it make a difference?” Learning more is wonderful but the more we share what we have learned is priceless. The world revolves around what we know and share. Things such as technology, military experiences, medical diagnosis, scientific experiments and many more are all important ways we share powerful knowledge to make this world a better place.unknown

Her second blog was titled “Learning Spaces”. This post stressed the importance of enhancing the appearance of your learning space. The things people see when they enter a classroom can really set the tone for learning. Therefore, making your spaces colorful, bright and full of energy will only transfer to the attitudes of your students entering your space.

Project #9b

My prezi is about the difference between the 5-3/6-2 Defense. These are two defenses used by most Middle School coaches. I personally recommend the 5-3 because of the diversity against the pass and run; but the choice is yours!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Post #4

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
Podcasting is a very helpful tool because it can be effective inside and outside the classroom. One of the best bonuses for participating in classroom podcast is that each individual can access their assignments while they are absent. Podcast also allow the parents to access what their child’s daily learning practices. Technology today takes up a great amount of student’s time. Initiative technology is a part of our everyday life. Podcasting will be a very helpful tool because it allows a closer interaction between the parents, teachers and the world.
Podcast Collection
A Podcast is a radio style talk show. The website consisted of very helpful information on creating a podcast. Podcasting have several benefits to the parents, teachers and students. For example podcast is available 24hours a day; parents can download students work enhancing their communication skills. Some the information provided was ideas of a podcast time schedule. This time schedule consisted of 42 minutes, within that timeframe it was a complete breakdown on orchestrating your podcast. Several suggestions were provided for Podcast projects. The website provided examples of what certain criteria you should consider when creating a podcast. I will definitely save this information to my favorites because it will be a very helpful tool during my career in teaching.
100 ways to use your Ipod
There were several downloadable devices for using your IPod. The two that caught my eye were the Spanish to Go and the downloadable Bible. By downloading this device you can learn Spanish while engaging in an everyday conversation or just in travel. The Bible for the IPod was also a complete downloadable device. I think the application will be helpful because you can listen to the bible while you work or doing other activities. This website also gives you podcast tutorials that will help me develop new skills while creating my own podcast.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blog Post #5

The I School Initiative
I think the students will lose focus by using the I Phone to learn. The internet alone can be a distraction in the classroom. Most students will find things on the internet to gain their interest. I think I School can be an enhancement, but the application should not be used in the place of books.
The I School will save money but it will not save the students. The internet can start unwanted behavior in school. I just don’t think switching to I School is a good idea.
Watch the Lost Generation
The Video had me confused at first. I was sitting here thinking to myself family is more important than work. Once she started reading from the bottom to the top the video became clear to me. The video was very informative and the information provided was helpful.
Virtual Choir by Eric Whitacre
The video and the music were amazing. I really enjoyed listening to the music. The creation of the video was unique. The singers in the choir never met and everything was put together via the internet. Technology today is awesome.
Teaching in the 21st Century
Teaching in the 21st Century is moving towards 100% technology based. Based on the information in the video students will be learning more than Math, History, Language Arts, Science, and other subjects. Teaching in the 21st Century is gearing towards not just education, but helping students make decision for society. I think the video was very informative. Students do not need to be entertained they need to be engaged is a very true statement.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I can relate to the video in many different ways. After watching the video one thing that captured my attention was students surfing the web and facebooking. In most cases students bring their laptop to class to offset the boredom. Students may not use their textbooks because most teachers teach from PowerPoint slides or the internet. I agree that students spend a lot of time during class doing things unrelated to the course. I wouldn’t change the content of the video, but I would try to make the video more appealing to prospective college students.
2.       Kelly Hines
I strongly agree with Kelly Hines about the technology blog. Technology does not help every child learn because each child needs something different. Technology does not prevent a child from learning. In most cases the internet can prevent a student from learning. The students will find other things on the internet that interest them besides what the teacher is teaching. My personal opinion is technology enhances a student’s ability to learn for cultural diversity.

3.       Karl Fisch
I think teachers can be technologically illiterate because technology changes daily. Technology is constantly changing daily therefore you will never know everything about the technology. The example given about teachers 30 years ago not being able to read or write was a outstanding example. I personally think no one will be able to keep up with technology today.
4.       Gary Hayes
Things are technologically and socially changing at a drastic rate. As a teacher I would take this into consideration therefore I will try to enhance my technological intelligence. Also a teacher I would try to emerge my social networking ability to reach out to my students. Children today are very knowledgeable to the computer and internet therefore that is great way to grasp their attention.


Did you know?
Wow! I did not know. Technology has really evolved at a rate that was unbeknownst to me. Some of the facts stated in the presentation were mind blowing. Things like China being the number one English speaking country. The rate your education can be outdated and the way the world is preparing for jobs that don’t exist.
This presentation opened my eyes a little bit wider to the world of technology. The pace at which it moves seems impossible to keep up with. In past time people were able to see change evolve, but these days new changes can happen before you attempt to understand the change at hand.
Mr. Winkle Whales
Mr. Whales was definitely stuck in time. For the last 100 years things have drastically changed. The way we distribute data, the way our medical needs are handled and most of all the way people think are very different from past years.
This presentation conveys that people should not sleep their life away. You should constantly educate yourself on the way the world is moving around you.
Cecelia Gault
I think that Sir Ken Robinson made some very interesting points. Everybody posses some type of creativity, even if other don’t understand their expression. We can help our students get a better education by adding cultural diversity. You learn thing from different people. During my military career I’ve traveled all over the world. The uniqueness about my travels was that every place, place and culture was different. But the aspiration and willpower to succeed were all the same. They just had their own avenues of approach!
Vicki Davis
I can tell Ms. Davis has a real passion for learning. But what really caught my attention was how she said her goal is to teach kids how to learn. This was also a very interesting point because you can’t be taught everything you need to know. Again, with the world moving at a very fast pace you always have to think ahead. The thought of learning from others around the world will eventually have us all connected making the future world a better place.



Sunday, January 23, 2011


My name is Percy LaDuna. This is my second year at the University of South Alabama. I never thought I would end up here but the transition from solider to student has been great. I am thirty-two years old with two wonderful kids. I have a daughter who is thirteen and a son who is seven.
Percy LaDuna
                I was enlisted in the military for seven years. During that time I traveled to various parts of the world. My service time consisted of two tours to Iraq (2003 &2005) for a total of seven hundred plus days. My military experience was awesome. I was a Supply SGT also known as a logistic Specialist. My level of responsibility surpassed my initial expectations. A collage of significant military events helped shape my thoughts of becoming a teacher; the ability to provide purpose, direction and motivation to a group or individual with a high level of charisma. I love to coach little league sports. Over the last three years my teams have been very successful. Therefore I decided to take my coaching skills to the next level. My major is Physical Education where in the near future I hope to become a middle school or high school coach. I’m always looking for a new challenge….